Life Time Edge Chip Warrany

Chipping is the one of the main problem for all hospitality organizations. In the industry, almost %70 of the renewal of breakages because of the chipping. Bonna specializes in the manufacture of extremely robust yet delicate products, which deliver lifetime edge chip warranty in versatile and innovative collections.


Stackable Design

Beside aesthetics, Bonna products are designed to give extra strength, reliable stackability and long life.



Light reflection makes glaze appereance very shiny. Translucent products improve the elegancy of the presentations.


Glaze Damage Resistance

Premium ingredients mixed to form our craze resistant glaze shows a great performance against industrial dishwasher and abrasion caused by cutlery.


Thermal Shock Resistance

Translucency and elegant ivory whiteness are results of a deep Research and Development process. Ingredient formula we use gives a unique luminance to our products.